Maths of Net Zero: Presentation to the Parliamentary Group on Energy Studies. July 2021

On July 13th 2021 I had the opportunity to make a 15 minute presentation to the Parliamentary group on Energy Studies along side Mike Larkin of Envoi and Kathryn Porter of Watt Logic. Mike did a great job of structuring and managing, I gave a macro view of issues and Kathryn presented compelling data on the UK electricity transition (read her comments here).

We called this session The Maths of Net Zero

The Cold Night of Forgetting*

Cold, dull, wind-less autumn days should make us think about the reality of energy security in a world celebrating high levels of renewable electricity supply

On a frigid autumn day let’s cast our minds back to the blissful dog-days of summer and the rampant headlines about how coal was now not needed and more than 50% of the UK’s power (meaning electricity) was provided by renewables. There has been a remarkable growth in renewable energy in the UK and whilst not blessed with much sun, wind is more abundant. Good news indeed.

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