Big Oil has done climate change research, and the conclusions are bad

Reading Time: lots, but hopefully worth it. Sound bites are generally not worth reading.

When is a risk not a risk?

Earlier this year, Exxon was in the news for the usual wrong reasons – as an oil company they were accused by various Californian, and other, municipalities of being directly responsible for the threat of flooding that these coastal municipalities were in danger of, due to global fossil-fuel originated climate-change.  

This kind of action by state and regional level administrations actually has an impressive list of victories; several of which appear in Netflix’s Dirty Money series. So, any commentary herein is caveated by the stellar track-record. Notwithstanding this, the action against Exxon is a worrying trait as it expressly compares the oil companies with the tobacco companies of the last decade(s).  This is an important point, as it is an attractive narrative, but also misses the point that our techno-industrial society doesn’t need cigarettes, but does need cheap energy. Whilst this is an interesting avenue to explore I’ll resist the temptation today.

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