Pride before the fall – Lest we should forget.

Maybe there was a certain pride, maybe even smugness, around the O&G industry a few years ago with oil at $100+…  and despite the last 3 years of “downturn”, remnants of this may even remain in some corners.  Smugness, no, but pride, yes.

The reality now though, is that we are proud of an industry that is elsewhere perceived to be akin to tobacco, armaments and banking, vying for last place in the popularity stakes.  At drinks and dinners, say you work in “Energy” not Oil… and feel the different reaction you get.

Currently, the O&G industry gets a good slapping at every opportunity, whether it be the Climate Change agenda (the producer’s fault, not the consumers..), the happy-clappy renewables industry, or even reporting the pain the oil-price collapse has brought to our industry – you can feel the schadenfreude seeping through the mainstream media.

So maybe this is a good moment to reflect on what we do, and what we have done.

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